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What do football and Frendix have in common?

On the left the team’s coach Mr. Jarkko Uotila and on the right Mr. Juha Korpela, Frendix CEO

Increasing well-being in business through cooperation that results in friendships has been our goal since the beginning. Many of our own employees and many of our global Frendix sales offices are already working with their family members and friends.

Cooperation is our preferred way to do business and we strongly believe that successfull  companies  have people that are satisfied and that is the recipe for a company with a long life.

We aim to spread well-being with our operations and with our products such as tire stackers and InnoLIFT pallet loaders, that make handling heavy loads in tight spaces more ergonomic for the workers. With the help of our tire management program and tire warehouse planning service we aim to make our customer’s business run smoothly and ease the workload of the executives too.

And how does all this relate to football?

We believe sports are a great way to incease well-being in addition to our operations. We chose to support a local amateur football team called ”Nouseva Laaka” (transl. rising horizontally) and as a sign of our cooperation the Frendix 25 year anniversary logo will be featured during future games.

Our ultimate goal is to spread well-being around the world, but we believe that in order to achieve that, well-being must first be realized in our own immediate circle, from where it can spread more widely. From this point on we continue to spread well-being to our home town, the next town, to our country and finally to the world.

Frendix banner with the 25th anniversary logo is featured in the future games.